Wolfe Pic 005 Awakening
Made by Wolfe
Daily Peon Picture № 60
Member Picture № 5
Upload date 01-11-2012
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Vrarok & Urossa, Strength & Power
Report 102

Awakening was the sixtieth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It was Wolfe's fifth picture for the new roleplay.

The picture was eventually removed from the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

Grelkin waited for the night, watching Salira's limp body. Then suddenly, she rose in one quick motion. She hair turned black and her eyes a piercing shade of blue.

Grelkin: Salira?

Salira: You were right, Grelkin. The ritual... I understand it all.

Grelkin: Oh no...

Salira: A shadow came to me, and told me to surrender to it. To embrace my destiny... and well...

Grelkin: No...

Salira: I am the Dark Child. Mordec Var, in your language. But that isn't important. What is import--- UGH!

Salira fell to her knees, head in her arms.

Grelkin: What be wrong?

Salira: Can't you ... you hear it? The dead... they're everywhere! Screaming to be freed... ughhhhhh.

Grelkin: Oh no, no, no. Of all da spirits, Mordec Var has ta infest ya! Foolish Grelkin, fool fool fool!

Salira: By... ugh...

She stood once more, her eyes glowing. Soon, amethyst lights rose from the fetid swamp and engulfed the area in blinding light. She then fell to the ground, the lights faded. Grelkin sat, shocked and traumatized, the screams of greenskins filling the night.

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