An expected result
Legion King Pic 003
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Upload date 12-09-2011
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The King Shall Fall
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An expected result is the seventeenth picture in the Daily Peon social group. It is Legion King's third picture for the new roleplay.

It was formerly the ninteenth picture in the Daily Peon.

Picture descriptionEdit

Last night I visited my friend Kornalas to ask about his researches upon the orcish helm, he invited me to a drink and we spoke there.

- Andorias: How far have you been through the researches?
- Kornalas: I could find out some information about it, but not entirely, this helm is merely a single piece of a great puzzle. It belongs to the only khan the greenskins ever had. A great orc who turned all greenskins into one war machine, none could stand against them at that time.
- Andorias: But these greenskins are far too scattered and weak right now.
- Kornalas: The story of the khan I'm telling you is for more than six centuries ago, after his death many orcs and goblins fought each other for power, so that a new khan might rise but all of their efforts were in vain and led into their great weakness.
- Andorias: Then would you expect someone strong enough to become a new khan?
- Kornalas: The one who may become the new khan has to find every piece of the khan's armor and his artifacts.
- Andorias: But if the orcs would have a new khan they can destroy us all so easily!
- Kornalas: Exactly, the least thing we can do is to hide this helm, never to be found by a greenskin!

Suddenly a sound comes out of the helm: "Rath'ir eldor manare az'jal!"

- Andorias: This helm said something else as well the day I gave it to you, what can it be?
- Kornalas: It said many things when I was studying on it, hopefully I could write what I heard from it, they might have a meaning together. But I still haven't found the source of these whispers.

Kornalas gives a paper to Andorias.

- Andorias: I can't understand a single word from this, it could be orcish or something.
- Kornalas: Yes, it is orcish, but none of us are able to translate it, an orc might be able to do it but we cannot risk to give neither this paper nor the helm to a greenskin.
- Andorias: Indeed, seems it's getting late, I have to return to the palace, one of the king's officers has ordered me to watch over the keep at nights, how bad can my luck be at this moment, it was just getting interesting!
- Kornalas: Farewell Andorias, I'll inform you of any further information I gain about these.

And then I returned to the keep to guard the king from anything that would threaten him... Seriously what could threaten this guy??