Am'ar Gaardos
Am'ar Gaardos Icon
Title(s) World Traveller, Peon
Race Orc
Faction Unknown
Status Alive
Location Dio Para

Am'ar Gaardos (Formerly known as Peon Amargaard) is a world travelling Orc, who ended up in Dio Para, where he was recognized as his old self. However, he have suffered from a heavy amnesia, and have forgotten all about his old life as a peon reporter and warrior of the Protectorate.

Am'ar Gaardos is Amargaard's main character in the new unconfirmed third generation of Daily Peon roleplaying.


The original Daily PeonEdit

The humble Peon Amargaard, grew up as an average orcish worker for Thrall's Horde in Durotar, but he dreamed of becoming a peon reporter, an exciting new profession that peons of Azeroth could take up, and one day his dream came true. He flied with a zeppelin to the legendary Peon Isle, and was successfully taken in as a peon reporter for the newspaper company "The Daily Peon". The leaders of the company sensed so much potential in peon Amargaard, that they gave away the last of their three magical green cameras. However peon Amargaard returned to Durotar, and sadly he had no time to write reports because of a strange hippie-deseace, caused by the hippie lord Evillizard. The hippie-deseace had spread over the entire continent, turning most of the people from Kalimdor into weird hippies. Even Thrall and many of the orcs from Durotar had become peaceful hippies in Evillizard's army. It all got worse when the hippies of Evillizard formed an alliance with the Burning Legion, together they were known as the Burning Potheads

Amargaard Pic1

Peon Amargaard's first newspaper picture.

A grunt from Durotar, called Belgrom Rockmaul "the womanizer", led a small group of Horde refugees, who didn't want to be part of the Burning Potheads, south through the Barrens, into the region known as Thousand Needles, where they fought through hordes of hostile centaurs for days. Peon Amargaard was part of this group, and one day, during their travel in the Thousand Needles, he decided to make his first report. He took a picture of himself in Belgrom's camp and wrote about their current situation. The report successfully went into the newspaper and was sent out to the people of Azeroth. That report was soon followed by several others by peon Amargaard, detailing the journey of "Belgrom's Choppas", as they liked to call themselves. Finally they reached the Tanaris desert, but uncertain of the way to the goblin city Gadgetzan, Belgrom decided to order peon Amargaard to walk into the hot desert and try find the way alone, and tell the others if he found it.

Amargaard Pic2

Peon Amargaard in the Caverns of Time.

Peon Amargaard did as he was told and wandered into the merciless desert, and after a long walk without any signs of Gadgetzan, he decided to walk towards the nearest mountain instead, which apparently was the home of the bronze dragons, the magical caverns of time. The bronze dragons didn't mind the peon entering their underground tunnel. Suddenly, while exploring the caverns for a while, he noticed a huge gold ore, and his peon reflexes made him start digging in the cave wall with his pickaxe, completely forgetting that the tunnels were owned by huge powerful dragons. Suddenly he accidently caused the cave wall to collapse, and a new mysterious tunnel was revealed behind it. He and the bronze dragons entered the tunnel curiously, and realized that he had discovered many new portals back in time. Peon Amargaard entered one of the portals, which lead him to a past event in Darkshore, where he overheard a conversation between a group of night elven druids. The leader druid Fandral Staghelm introduced the others about his plan to create a new world tree on the nearby island, Kalidar. However, a group from the Infinite Dragonflight arrived, and killed all the druids, thus changing a part of the Azerothian timeline to the worse. Having experienced why Teldrassil was never created, peon Amargaard was returned to the caverns, where he was greeted by a female bronze dragon called Alurmi. She thanked him for finding all the new portals, so the Bronze Dragonflight and the Keepers of Time could protect these new historic events from the rival Infinite dragonflight who wanted to destroy the timeline, like they sadly had already done to the Teldrassil event as peon Amargaard had just witnessed. In thanks, she gave him a bronze dragon mount and enchanted his pickaxe with an unknown time-spell. 

Amargaard Pic4

Belgrom's Choppas in Gadgetzan.

Peon Amargaard left the cave, and tried his new mount, and quickly reached Gadgetzan, where he surprisingly also found Belgrom Rockmaul and the others. A goblin called Snixx had joined the group, and adviced Belgrom to head west, towards the sea, where they could easily find work to do, in order to earn money. Belgrom followed Snixx' advice and their journey continued west, until they reached the fishing village known as Steamwheedle Port. At the port, Snixx met a goblin "friend" called fisherman Gikkix, who he owed money. Belgrom was forced to pay the bill, and meanwhile bought Gikkix fishing boat.

Amargaard Pic6

Belgrom's Choppas on the Bladefist Bay.

With the boat, Belgrom's Choppas sailed north all the way back up to the shores of Durotar, where they met the last survivors of the Trolmanian empire in the region, wearing the Kul Tiras sign. In these drastic times with the Burning Potheads still around, those two races could no longer be enemies, so Belgrom Rockmaul and the human Lieutenant Benedict made a temporary alliance. Benedict told Belgrom everything that had happened in Durotar, after the arrival of the Burning Potheads. The drug addicted Drek'thar had hipified Orgrimmar completely, and his powers kept on rising. Recently he had started summoning weed monsters from the unknown home planet of hippies. They decided to attack the city together and hope for the best. 

The next morning, the anti hippies walked towards the hipified city of Orgrimmar, and everything Benedict had said was true. Drek'thar was an extremely powerful hippie, who summoned two huge green portals to welcome the enemy group. The green portals spawned weed monsters, and then Drek'thar killed Belgrom and Benedict mercilessly with a chain lightning spell. Peon Amargaard, and few others from the group, was accidently sucked into the green portals, and everything turned black...

Peon Amargaard and a few other survivors from "Belgrom's Choppas" and the Kul Tiras regiment had been teleported to planet Argus, the Burning Potheads' twisted homeworld. They were soon greeted by a troll hippie shaman, called Sen'jequib Fireweed. He took away all of their weapons, including peon Amargaard's enchanted pickaxe and camera, and guided them peacefully towards their capital Mac'aree. At first, peon Amargaard was interested in the hippie culture and thought of them as a peaceful people, but during their travels to the capital, he realized more and more how much they were being controlled by the demons of the Burning Legion.

Alagremm Pic97 - Lower Half

Peon Amargaard meeting Dragram.

At the gates of Mac'aree, Sen'jequib, peon Amargaard and the others met Arthas, Snixx and a pedophile ogre - all had been hipified and served Evillizard unquestioned, but Peon Amargaard and the others were allowed to walk freely in the capital, still with their weapons taken from them though. Peon Amargaard walked around and suddenly stumbled upon a strange part of the city, where the inhabiting Eredar people seemed normal, not hipified nor mindcontrolled by the Burning Legion. He stepped close to a tent, where an Eredar was speaking to a magical crystal. Peon Amargaard asked who he was talking to, but when the Eredar noticed the peon behind him, he accused Peon Amargaard of spying for the hippies. However, when he afterwards tried reading Peon Amagaard's mind and found nothing there, he instead introduced himself as Dragram, and explained that he and his people, the Protectorate, were planning a mission that would unhipify the hippies, and save their planet from the evil grisp of the Burning Legion. Peon Amargaard gladly joined their cause. 

Amargaard Pic13

The planning to retrieve back Peon Amargaard's belongings.

Peon Amargaard quickly grew friends with Dragram, who taught the peon to fight and some basic war tactics. Meanwhile, Dragram sent a Protectorate captain on a mission to retrieve Peon Amargaard's stolen belongings from Sen'jequib Fireweed. The Protectorate captain successfully brought back all of Peon Amargaard's valuable items; his green camera 3, the magic pickaxe, the bronze dragon mount - as well as a new baby potreant pet, and a hippie wagon with a captured Sen'jequib and Screen inside.

The new Daily PeonEdit


Am'ar Gaardos in the rift between worlds.

Am'ar arrived to Dio Para via teleportation, but suffered from aches and heavy amnesia. He was greeted by Tleno and Screen, and introduced to their new home in the Master Peon's world.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Am'ar is a strong and agile Orc, with quick reflexes. He has a light green skin, a muscular body structure and two big teeth pointing down from his upper lip. He is bald, except for the stubble on his chin. He has a large characteristic nose and always wear a pair of black sunglasses above his brown eyes. He also wears a ragged teal vest, revealing a scar on his hairy chest with one teal shoulder pad attached to his left shoulder, by a leather-belt around the stomach. He has a round belt with two letters saying "DP", a wrench in his pocket and heavy boots. His voice is dark and manly, average for an Orc.

Am'ar is a calm and serious Orc, relying mostly on short messages. A man of action, who loves to engage in combat, which is typical for his kind. He is loyal and caring to his friends. Despite his appearance in the first generation of Daily Peon roleplaying, he seems to have gotten a lot smarter and appears very intelligent for an Orc, but his obsession of getting to know his lost past and irritation of being disrespected often becomes a problem for him.

In combat, Am'ar relies mostly on his skills using his staff of alienated wood, which can become a scythe. A magical crystal on the top of his staff can be used to Time Stop enemies, but knowledge how to do so was lost during his world traveling. Sometimes, when the battle gets too intense, he will use his powerful GC3 gun instead, which can shoot powerful magical beams, but only in worst case, as it has to recharge, which takes a long time. He is also able to teleport between worlds, but noone, including himself, knows how.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Am'ar Gaardos was introduced in ===Introduction===, by Amargaard.
  • Am'ar Gaardos' name is obviously based on Amargaard's own username.
  • Am'ar Gaardos have been used in several other roleplays, after his debut in the original Daily Peon roleplay - evolving a lot through the times - and now, when returning, he is far from the same as when he left, but still bears notable resemblance with his former self.
    • See the "Evolution of Am'ar Gaardos" on the Avataria Wiki, to read through his adventures in the different roleplays and learn how that effected the character in different ways.
      • The "Appearance and personality" is also taken from Am'ar Gaardos' page on the Avataria Wiki.
    • ​Amargaard wanted to use Am'ar Gaardos as his main character in the Dark Prophecy roleplay too, but decided not to, since he had too Hi-tech and magical knowledge to match in with the storyline. Instead he made a character with a similar name, Am'ar.


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