Were you looking for the identically named user, Alagremm?

Race Draenei
Faction Triumvirate
Status Dead
Location Unknown

Alagremm was the draenei mastermind of the Triumvirate, husband of Keleesa and father of Calliope.


The original Daily PeonEdit

Alagremm started out as a knight in the Trolmanian Empire's army, where he participated in the Hunt for Tleno, who had stolen money from Trolman. He catched the thief, but found out he was a good guy. The two became close friends and later they started a faction known as the Triumvirate, on a planet called Draenosh, created from parts of Outland. However, his glorious Triumvirate fell at the hands of Chaos.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Alagremm has the ordinary blue skin and horny features of a Draenei, and wears a grey armor decorated with golden edges. He also carries a huge hammer.

Alagremm is very friendly, smart, wise and shows great leader potential. 

Alagremm is an extremely powerful sorcerer, even capable of creating a world himself.

Trivia and notesEdit

  • Alagremm's name is obviously based on the user Alagremm.
  • Tleno was always considered to be Alagremm's right hand.
  • Alagremm was mentioned in ===Introduction===, but he have yet to make an appearance in Dio Para.

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