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Daily Peon Picture № 1 (In new generation)
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Upload date 02-01-2013
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===Introduction=== is the first picture in the Daily Peon social group's newest, unconfirmed roleplay. It is Amargaard's first picture for the new roleplay, starring three pictures and a personal comment.

Picture descriptionEdit

(Pic 1 "Memories")Edit

Am'ar Gaardos opened his brown eyes, below his black shades. Glowing light blue tails of energy and magic lashed out from his very body and circled around him, in the middle of a pitch black cyberspace. He had been in this place before, several times actually. The rift that any world traveler must pass through, before entering their desired location.

Teleportation between worlds is not a completely safe way to travel though - Am'ar had suffered numerous times from heavy amnesia and aches in all of his muscles after using it, only getting worse each time. In fact, he had no idea where he just came from or where he was heading. 

A few small, glowing particles of shining blue detached from the vile tails, and from the moment they were free, hovered silently around him. One came close to his glasses, and though it was tiny, he could spot people inside it. People he had seen before, but forgot all about. He knew what these was.

"Memories" his tired voice muttered, just before successfully leaping through the rift, and all turned dark...

(Pic 2 "Peon Amargaard!")Edit

Am'ar Gaardos opened his eyes once again, but closed them again shortly after, to shield him from the light, and not worsen his headache. Argh, pain! He felt his aching body collapse, as pain shot through it, and landed on a metal floor. He heard low voices nearby, but he couldn't tell what they were saying. He tried reopen his eyes, realizing he lied in a glass cell, with people of different race origin, outside staring endlessly at him. 

"Who's that?", an Orc, like Am'ar, asked.

"That's.. that's Peon Amargaard, it must be, but he looks older and bigger", a blackbearded human, clad in blue, said.

"Is he a good guy? Or should I run down get Med'al and the Starseekers?", the Orc asked.

"Put the glass down! he's definitely a good guy", the blackbearded human, who seemed to be in charge, answered.

A puff of smoke left the futuristic glass cabin, when the wall of glass glided down, until there was nothing, but air between Am'ar and the others. Am'ar finally sat up, still aching, but the worst was over.

"Aaah, Peon Amargaard, old lad, took you long enough" the human leader said, smiling to the newcomer.

"My name is not Amargaard, it's Am'ar Gaardos - and I'm a warrior, not a peon. Who are you, human?" Am'ar replied, with his dark characteristic voice.

"I'm Tleno, you don't remember me at all? Tleno the engineer, the business man, Al's right hand - don't remember any of that?" the human asked.

"No, I don't..", Am'ar replied. 

Tleno quickly turned to a dwarven mechanic next to him "Make sure to write that down in his journal", he ordered. 

"Where am I?" Am'ar questioned, and looked around.

Tleno turned back his attention to the newcomer.

"Come with me, I'll show you" he said with a resolute smile.

(Pic 3 "Dio Para")Edit

Am'ar followed the friendly blackhaired human to a balcony very close by. He glanced at the amazing sight. Below them was a city of many mixed cultures, placed on the bays around a lake. On the lake was a large island, with a natural mountain spire, with a smiling old orc's face carved into the upper part.

"Yeah, amazing isn't it? We call this place Dio Para, and that guy is the Master Peon" Tleno said, pointing at the rock sculpture. 

"The Master Peon.. I think I remember seeing him before" Am'ar replied.

"What? Ha ha ha, you haven't got any smarter since then Am, nobody have ever seen the Master Peon, but it is his personal world that you stand in right now!" Tleno explained.

Am'ar remained silent, a bit irritated by Tleno calling him dumb. He looked at the Master Peon once again, something about that face just felt so familiar, but he couldn't tell what. 

"We have been building inside this underground dome for years. I was one of the first to arrive down here, and have taken care of the newcomers ever since"

Suddenly, a hooded dwarf came by.

"By my fathers brew, Am, it's you!!" he yelled happily, and ran to hug the Orc, twice as tall as him.

"Screen, he's one of the amnesia-hit newcomers, so don't bother", Tleno told Screen before he got to hug Am'ar.

"What, ye serious? Am, ye can't have forgotten the wars in Argus? We fought side by side, until I got caught, but that's another story.."

"Sorry.. Screen, I don't remember anything of those wars with you", Am'ar answered, a bit depressed by his memory loss.

"Aaw lad, that's too bad, but say, catch ye later in Gyro's, 'aight?", Screen the dwarf urged, while continuing his run for the city's local tavern. 

"Sure thing, Screen" Am'ar said, at least happy to see a person being glad of his return. 

"Follow me, Am, there's more I want to show you"

"Yo guys, this was something I have been thinking of for a while, but after Trolman made that 'Death of DP' pic I couldn't resist bringing it to life... it is meant as the starting pic of, perhaps, a third generation of DP roleplaying - or I would more call it a revival of the first generation, which I miss terribly much. It's lulzy beginning combined with the epic stories that unfolded during it's golden age, and best of all - all our unique characters.. I loved it all! And I have missed it all so badly, ever since we closed it down. I never got the chance to finish my last plot back then, which have haunted me ever since, and now is perhaps the right time to reunite all the loyal DP players with their true selves, from the first generation. At least think about having a third generation of DP roleplaying, based on this picture - there are loads of good guys as well as villains from the old DP that we can bring into this whole new world, that we can shape from the bottom - if you guys are up to it, this might be the beginning of something great!"


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